Are you ready to unleash your inner speaking superhero and communicate your message with confidence?

Speaking Palooza! 2019

Public Speaking Super Powers Palooza 2019

July is Freedom from Fear of Speaking Month and to celebrate, I’ve invited a team of speaking experts to share their best tips and tricks for improving your speaking skills and overcoming speaking anxiety. Each Monday through Saturday in July 2019, a new article, video or interview will be published sharing some of the best tips, tricks, and advice from some of the best speakers in the world.

How to Participate in Public Speaking Super Powers Palooza!

For Readers

woman reading tablet computersLearn how to improve your speaking skills and how to break free of your fear of speaking by checking out all the wonderful content my guest authors share throughout July.

Spread the love by letting your friends know about your favorite posts in social media.

Share your thoughts by posting your comments on each post.

Expand your communication horizons by checking out the various books on Amazon — links will be provided — and visiting the authors’ websites to learn more about them and their books, courses, and services.

For Authors

Want to be one of the Speaking Palooza featured experts? Before you decide, here are the rules:

Your Contribution:
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  • One unique guest post of 500-800 words or an up to 5-minute video about public speaking. You have several options for this contribution:
    • Submit a guest post you’ve written specifically for Speaking Palooza 2019,
    • Supply a list of questions and your answers that I can turn into an interview post.
    • Supply a YouTube link to a 5-minute or less video providing your best tip about public speaking.
    • Schedule a time to record a short interview audio or video with Carma. Recording can take place on Wednesdays and Thursdays between 6:15 and 7:15 pm Pacific Time or on Saturdays.

    Whichever you believe will help you more, or be more convenient for you, is fine with me.

  • Author’s Bio up to 100 words, preferably mentioning your speaking-related book.k
  • A picture to accompany your bio, preferably a headshot, but “action” shots are fine, too.
  • An image of your book cover (or I can pull one from Amazon).
  • Optional, but recommended: Description and image of, as well as a link to, a special offer or lead magnet related to speaking.
  • Optional: For additional promotion, you may also contribute a prize that readers can win.

Submit the above to by March 31, 2019.

bullhorn megaphone iconYour Responsibility:
So that all participants will benefit, you must help spread the word about the event.

  • Promote the event in advance via email and/or social media.
    I will provide you with suggested copy and images.
  • Promote your post once it is live via email, social media and/or your blog.
    Again, I will provide you with suggested copy and images.

The more you promote Speaking Palooza 2019, the better it will be for all experts participating in the event.

What’s In It for You
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  • Free publicity for your speaking-related book, online course or service.
    To spread the word and drive traffic, I will be sharing your participation to my list and my social media following. As of Jan. 22, 2018, I have 4,900+ Twitter followers, 3,400+ Facebook friends, 440 Instagram followers, 1,130+ LinkedIn connections, and 560+ Pinterest followers. The posts will also be posted to my GoodReads and Amazon author pages. There will also be a contest with prizes associated with this event to encourage social sharing of content. And, of course, your fellow participants will be sharing about the event, as well.
  • Increased traffic to your website.
    A link to your website will be included with your post. And, not only will I be promoting your post, but readers of other posts will likely check out your post, as well. Cross promotions among posts will encourage this.
  • Increased sales of your book.
    A link to your book on Amazon will be included with your post. There will also be a “Schedule of Posts” page with a picture of your book linked to your book on Amazon.
  • More subscribers to your email list.
    If you offer an opt-in incentive to grow your list of readers, I will happily post on your contribution page a link to your opt-in landing page along with a description and image of your incentive to entice readers to click.

Of course, results will vary, but if you provide high-quality content, you will have a greater chance of better results.