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Be Authentically You
(Day 12, Speaking Palooza 2019)

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July is Freedom from Fear of Speaking Month and to celebrate, I’ve invited a team of speaking experts to share their best tips and tricks for improving your speaking skills and overcoming speaking anxiety.

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Be Authentically You

By Guest Expert Steve Gamlin

Steve Gamlin shares his thoughts on the importance of being authentically you on the stage. He includes some tips on how to do that, as well.

Highlights from the Video

  • How to share your authentic self
  • Get started now
  • What if I stink?

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About Steve Galmin

Steve GamlinSteve Gamlin is known as The Motivational Firewood® Guy. His journey has included: a successful decade in radio, 7 years of stand-up comedy, 16 years as a keynote speaker and is the author of 4 books…so far).

What lesson does Steve share MOST OFTEN? Be authentic, bringing YOU into everything you deliver.

What does Steve enjoy most? Rolling up his sleeves, working alongside people just like YOU, helping you to discover what excites *you* in life…how to Visualize it, learn WHY you desire it, then create an Action Plan to get closer…learning more about yourself along the way.

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This post is part of Speaking Palooza. Created by Carma Spence, author of the award-winning, bestselling book Public Speaking Super Powers, it is a month-long event bringing together a wide variety of speaking experts from throughout the English-speaking world to help you overcome the fear of speaking and become a better speaker.

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