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Learn About the Book

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The League of Public Speaking Super Heroes

The League of Public Speaking Super Heroes

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Improve Your Public Speaking Skills

Improve Your Public Speaking Skills

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Why learning public speaking skills is important

If you’ve heard it once, you’ve probably heard it so many times it makes you sick – more people fear public speaking than death. In fact, 75% of the population experiences public speaking anxiety.

That said, public speaking is an important skill to learn, if not master. Why? Let me tell you:


1. It increases self-confidence and courage

When you face a fear down, your confidence increases. The more you are able to practice speaking in front of groups, the more you will notice that your anxiety lessens, and this increases your confidence not only in your ability to speak in public, but to speak anywhere and to conquer fears in other areas of your life.


2. It is good for business and career.

If you are an employee, having public speaking skills sets you apart from the rest. This increases your opportunities for new jobs, promotions and a more satisfying career. If you are an entrepreneur, speaking is one of the best ways to promote your business and increase sales.


3. It can improve your listening skills.

I know this may sound crazy, but hear me out. When you learn public speaking in a course, listening skills are taught not only so you can provide better feedback to your fellow students, but also because being a good listener makes you a better speaker. If you want to better reach and relate with your audience, you have to be a good listen.


4. It can help you in your relationships

When dating, these skills not only give you confidence but make it much easier for you to have a conversation it what could be an anxiety-provoking situation — the first date! Also, these skills help you be an overall better communicator with your friends, family and significant other.

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Public Speaking Super Powers, the book, uses the metaphor of superheroes and their superpowers to explain the various skills and talents that are a part of being an effective speaker. It includes tips, advice, and exercises you can do to improve your abilities in each area. Whether you are in school or business, this book will help you take your communications skills to the next level, help you overcome any public speaking anxiety and even give you some pointers if you decide that becoming a professional speaker might be for you.

Public Speaking Super Powers, the website, if chock full of information and resources, as well. Peruse the blog and you’ll find articles, videos, and podcasts filled with tips and tricks for improving communication and speaking skills. You’ll also find a list of recommended resources for additional training.

I believe in you. You can totally do this.
Get ready to unleash your inner speaking superhero
and communicate your message and knowledge with confidence!


Are You Ready to Learn the One Skill that Is
Guaranteed to Increase Your Life Results?

Public speaking is that skill. It can help you get a promotion. It can help you make more sales. It can help you promote your business. It can even help you get a date or improve your relationships.

But you have to be at least half-way decent at speaking to get those results. Therefore, if you're ready to get started on The Public Speaking Hero's Journey -- a journey to improved speaking skill, increased confidence, and better communication finesse -- then grab your copy of 10 Tips to Start Speaking with a Bang now! These tips will give you a good, basic foundation in public speaking skills.