Are you ready to unleash your inner speaking superhero and communicate your message with confidence?

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It’s a crow!

crow in flight

It’s an F-18 Hornet!

F-18 Hornet in flight

No! It’s …

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Public Speaking Super PowersTM!

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This book will answer the questions:

“If Public Speakers Were Superheroes,
What Would Their Super Powers Be?”

And Could YOU Develop Those Powers Too?

Read the article that started it all here.

Public Speaking Super Powers 3D coverLearn from more than 80 public speaking superheroes what they believe their super powers to be and how you can develop them, too!

From fainting during a first public speech to taking the spotlight at a tender age, public speakers come in all shapes, sizes and innate talent levels. Public Speaking Super PowersTM shares their stories and advice, illustrating how you can unleash your inner public speaking superhero, as well.

Public speaking skills can help you grow your business…progress in your career…be more confident in your day-to-day life…even become a career in itself. Regardless of how you want to use presentation skills in your life, Public Speaking Super PowersTM will help you develop the abilities you need to succeed.

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Why the Superhero/Super Power Metaphor?

Superheros are excellent metaphors for what each and every one of us has inside. Most of the origin tales of superheroes show that they started off ordinary but came into their own extraordinary-ness through some trigger event. Whether it was being bitten by a radioactive spider, being dowsed with radiation or just learning of their true origins, each superhero started out ordinary in their own minds. We are all like that … ordinary in our own minds until some trigger event allows us to see how extraordinary we really are.

Carma Spence and her Butterfly Girl puppet

Here I am proudly displaying my Butterfly Girl puppet.
Butterfly Girl in action

Although I have never read comic books or graphic novels (too many pictures … long story), I have had a long-time fascination with superheroes. In fact, when I was in elementary school I invented my very own superhero during a summer arts and crafts class.

One of the projects was to create a paper mache puppet … and thus Butterfly Girl was born! When in her secret identity, Butterfly Girl wore a simple yellow scarf around her head. But when someone was in danger, the scarf came off and her beautiful butterfly wings would sprout from her back and off she went to save the day!

Later, I became an avid fan of superhero TV shows and cartoons. Some of my favorite shows included Batman starring Adam West and Burt Ward (would you believe I had a crush on Frank Gorshin as The Riddler?), The Incredible Hulk starring Bill Bixby and The Amazing Spider-Man starring Nicholas Hammond. And, of course, who can forget The New Adventures of Wonder Woman starring Lynda Carter and Lyle Waggoner! (Loved that sparkling tooth!)