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Making Voice Mail Work For You Not Against You

Eric GilboordBy Featured Speaker Eric Gilboord

It is becoming the norm to work at home for all or some of your business activities. Pretty much every company and most consumers, have the ability to receive voice mail messages whether through an answering machine or an invisible machine from a telephone service provider. Some small businesses consider this a hindrance or a roadblock to getting to their prospect or customer. I consider voice mail to be a great aid in reaching people. If you learn to use voice mail to your advantage it could become a wonderful addition to your bag of marketing tools. Voice mail offers you the ability to communicate with your staff, suppliers and allied companies. I have moved many projects ahead by reducing the number of face to face meetings and utilizing voice mail to exchange details with my associates.

The following are common questions about using voice mail as part of the sales & marketing process:

Q. What do I do when I reach a voice mail message?
The secret is to prepare yourself prior to making the call. There is no need to be stumped by an electronic message vs a human voice on the other end of the line. You should have a plan of action and a specific message already in place in case the person is not available.

Q. Should I bother to leave a message or not?
To not take advantage of the capabilities of modern electronics is a waste. If you had a legitimate reason to make the call in the first place, then you owe it to the recipient and yourself to leave a message.

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