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Presentation Skills – Don’t Rely on Technology and PowerPoint!

Avish ParasharBy Featured Speaker Avish Parashar

In speaking, PowerPoint and visual aids have their place. They can engage an audience, make them laugh, or reinforce your points. However, most people use visual aids very poorly.

These days, I choose to not use PowerPoint in my presentations. I did once for one of my very first engagements, simply because before agreeing to use me the client said, “send us your PowerPoint.” Not knowing any better, I went out and created one for the client.

I have to say that as a speaker I can see the appeal. The presentation was so easy because my PowerPoint basically served as my notes! I didn’t have to think about what to do or say next, because I would just click “next” and boom! There on the screen was what I was supposed to talk about.

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