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9 Secrets to Better Speaking

Arvee RobinsonBy Featured Speaker Arvee Robinson

You’re at a huge networking event. Nervously, you glance around the room and see many familiar faces. Some of the faces are new and are even smiling. These are the faces of your fellow club members. You have talked to them many times on many different occasions. So why should this be any different? Why do you have a big knot in your stomach? Why do you have an overwhelming desire to run? Why? Because tonight, YOU are the speaker. This is the first time you’ll formally speak in front of your peers. Are you ready?

When does your speech actually start? When you arrive at the lectern? Does it begin with the first utterance of a sound or word? No. Your presentation begins the minute the emcee begins to talk about you. The audience automatically sweeps the crowd searching for the speaker. Keep poised and confident. Remember all eyes are on you!

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