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Be a "Public Speaker" Or Be Yourself

Be a “Public Speaker” Or Be Yourself

By Featured Speaker Lily Iatridis

So many people feel that they have to put on a different persona when they’re a “public speaker.” They have to act more gregarious, more out there, more polished, more professional, more perfect. As a result, they’re not being themselves at all, and their audiences feel it.

Be a "Public Speaker" Or Be Yourself

What defines “public speaker?” It’s simply a person that presents orally to a group. They don’t have to have any particular level of charisma or beauty. They simply need to use their voice to communicate clearly.

Some people feel that when they’re the public speaker, they have to become something or someone they’re not. As a “public speaker,” yes, you do have to extend your energy and be more focused upon the people around you. But losing or burying your unique self in the process causes will also make you less interesting to your audience. As a public speaker, you’ll lose your personality and try to present in a way that’s not natural to you. Therefore, your delivery will be awkward.

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