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Shorten Your Speech in a Pinch? Arg!

Lily IatridisBy Featured Speaker Lily Iatridis

We’ve all been there. You’ve prepared a 45-minute presentation, and you’re ready to go. Then, before you get up to present, there’s a change in schedule, and your host, boss, or whomever suddenly tells you that you only have 20 minutes to deliver your speech!

What do you do?! How do you edit your entire presentation in one minute or less and still make maximum impact?

10 Things to Do if You Have to Shorten Your Speech Drastically on the Spot:

  1. Take a deep breath. Calm yourself. Pretend that your fine with it.
  2. Throw out your Powerpoint. As we say in New Jersey, just “fahgeddaboutit!”
  3. Make a no-frills opening. Introduce yourself, and make your purpose or thesis statement immediately. Drop any interesting lead-ins.
  4. Focus the content on the one or two points that make the crux of your talk. In other words, what main points are vital to making an effective and relevant call to action? Focus on introducing those. Use one example for each to illustrate and better explain each main point. Forget the longer explanations and illustrative details.
  5. (more…)

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