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Know Thyself – Self Awareness as the Key to Enlightened Leadership

Wally AdamchikBy Featured Speaker Wally Adamchik

You cannot lead anyone or anything if you cannot lead yourself. Effective leadership of self depends on a high degree of self-awareness founded on honesty and introspection. As individuals advance in their careers they are exposed to new challenges and the opportunity to make decisions with the benefit of wisdom gained over time. However, this wisdom must be cultivated. It lies within all of us but only surfaces when it is sought. Not only do we as individuals face new challenges as we advance but society throws challenges at us also. Fortune Magazine puts it this way, leading a company today is different from the 1980s and ’90s, especially in a global company. It requires a new set of competencies. Bureaucratic structures don’t work anymore. You have to take command and control types out of the system. You need to allow and encourage broad-based involvement in the company. Stephen Covey in The 8th Habit: From Effectiveness to Greatness says, the industrial age was about control, and the information age, or knowledge worker age, is about release.

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