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Perfectionism Breeds Fear of Public Speaking

perfectionismIn the first video in my series of public speaking tips videos, I talked about how perfectionism can stop you from getting started in public speaking. But perfectionistic tendencies can do more than that.

The desire to be perfect, to not make an mistake, can increase the fear of public speaking. There is an often-quoted statistic that basically says people are, in general, more afraid of public speaking than dying. I believe, this is, in part, due to the belief that when you speak in front of a group of people, you can be horribly humiliated by making a mistake.

This is a really bad way to think about public speaking.

1. Your audience is, for the most part, rooting for you. If you make a mistake, they feel bad for you. They are not looking to cut you down. Just accept you made a mistake and move on with grace. Your audience will go with you.

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