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What Public Speakers Can Learn from Lady Gaga

Every morning I take a 40-minute walk while listening to tunes on my iPod Shuffle. One of the artists who has several songs loaded on my iPod is Lady Gaga … a woman who knows how to brand herself very well. I’ve seen a few articles on what small business owners can learn from Lady Gaga, so I thought it would be a cool idea to share some of the things public speakers can learn from her, as well.

The Art of Fame
Like her music or not, you kind of have to admit that Lady Gaga knows how to become famous. She’s worked it … and worked it well. She studied what others before her had done to become well known and then planned every moment of her career to make use of what worked. Public speakers should be studying the marketing and business tactics of accomplished public speakers. What have they done right to get to the top? How can you adapt what they’ve done in their area of public speaking to help you achieve success in yours?

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