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Heather Neuman on the Public Speaking Super Powers Podcast

Public Speaking Super Powers Podcast, Season 2, Episode 4: Guest Heather Neuman

Is there a difference between coaching teens and coaching adults in public speaking? That is just one of the topics today’s guest will discuss. Today’s guest is Heather Neumann, the founder of Lasting Impact!. She empowers her audience to find their inner voice through public speaking. She says, “There is […]

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Arvee Robison

Get Rid of the Fear of Speaking

Arvee RobinsonEliminate the Fear of Speaking

By Featured Speaker Arvee Robinson

Why Do You Feel So Nervous?
Feeling nervous before you speak in front of a room full of people is quite common among the majority of people today. According to surveys, many people would rather die than give a speech. However, remember no one has actually died from stage fright. It may help if you understand why the body goes into a complete fearful state when asked to give a speech. This feeling is actually the body’s natural “fight or flight” response when it encounters danger. The body releases adrenalin increasing your heart rate, blood circulation, and pulse rate causing the feeling of nausea, shaky knees, trembling lips, and sweaty hands. Below are 4 strategies to eliminate the fear of speaking and gain confidence.

1. Start with the 3 P’s.

    a. Planning your presentation.
    Whether you are giving a 30-second introduction or a 60-minute sales presentation, it is imperative that you first plan your talk on paper. Thinking you can just “wing-in” will end up in total disaster and the loss of potential sales.

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