Are you ready to unleash your inner speaking superhero and communicate your message with confidence?

Products & Services

Workshops, Lectures & Presentations

Carma is available to speak on a variety of business topics in a variety of formats:

  • Lectures & Presentations
    1-2 hours
  • Workshops
    3 to 8 hours; single or multi-day
  • Teleseminars & Webinars
    Delivered over the phone, pre-recorded or live
  • Panel Discussions and Q&A Sessions
    Virtual or live

For a list of presentations and topics available, please see the Speaker page.

Video Products

Creating an Ideal Audience Avatar
Creating an Ideal Audience Avatar
This 9-minutes workshop shows you how to use the “Ideal Audience Avatar” so that you can be crystal clear on whose butts you want in the seats of your presentations. This is a crucial step in the presentation creation and marketing process that many speakers overlook.
Price: $12.95

Special Reports

Persuasive Speaking with Confidence
Persuasive Speaking with Confidence
This 12-page report will help you develop and organize a persuasive presentation that you can deliver with confidence.
Price: $6.99

Wedding Speech Templates

Each report has 10 complete speeches which you can simply pick and choose to make your own memorable speech. All you’ll have to do is fill in the blanks and modify the template to make them fit your particular situation, tone and style.

Wedding Speeches for the Bride
Wedding Speeches for the Maid of Honor
Wedding Speeches for the Mother of the Bride and Groom
Wedding Speeches for the Groom
Wedding Speeches for the Best Man and Groomsman
Wedding Speeches for the Father of the Bride and Groom