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Pay Me What I'm Worth for Budding Speakers

I get it. Standing before a group of strangers and speaking can be really anxiety provoking. When I was first starting out, not only did my stomach do wheelies and my hands shake, but as I spoke I could feel the blood rush to my ears, making them feel so warm I was certain everyone could see them turning red.

However, because you’re on this page, I know that you don’t want that to stop you from speaking your message, promoting your business or representing the company you work for.

This program integrates Souldancer’s Pay Me What I’m Worth program with Carma’s Public Speaking Super Powers speaker training program. So you’re getting two programs in one!

Pay Me What I'm Worth by SouldancerSouldancer’s Pay Me What I’m Worth program includes:

  • One year of powerful coaching to re-awaken of your sense of worth on multiple levels (one one-hour class a week).
    Value: $5,200
  • Increased confidence to help you build your business(es).
    Value: Priceless
  • Exclusive, members-only, online classroom for every exercise to support your learning process 24x7x365.
    Value: $1,164
  • A pdf and a printed copy of Pay Me What I’m Worth
    Value: $30

Public Speaking Super Powers by Carma SpenceCarma’s Public Speaking Super Powers Speaker Training includes:

  • One year of speaker training and coaching based on Public Speaking Super Powers
    Value: $5,200
  • Worksheets, cheatsheets, videos and more to support you in your learning.
    Value: $1,164
  • A pdf and a printed copy of Public Speaking Super Powers
    Value: $30

In addition, there will be a private Facebook group for members of this program only. Here you will be able to interact with Soul, Carma, and members of your cohort.

Total Value of this program is a minimum of $12,788. But, you won’t be charged that amount. For this first cohort, you’ll get this for an investment of only $7,000 (paid in full) or $600 per month. Soul and Carma are being very selective of who they will allow into this program. Therefore you will need to navigate a three-part vetting process:

  1. Complete the form below. If you look like a good fit, you’ll be invited to participate in the next step.
  2. Complete a task assigned to you within the provided time frame. If you still look like a good fit, you’ll be invited to participate in the next step.
  3. Have a conversation with Carma about the program and your situation. If we both agree that this program will be right for you, you’ll be sent an invoice.

Then all you need to do is pay the invoice and show up for the group calls.

If you are interested in being a member of the first cohort of this program, complete the form below.