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Feedback to Make Them Love You

Lily IatridisBy Featured Speaker Lily Iatridis

Recently I wrote about using strategic questioning to get your audience creatively engaged during your speaking event. But what comes after they answer your questions? That’s also an integral part to relationship building with your audience, especially with public speaking. The answer is qualitative feedback.

Most of the time, when the audience responds to a seminar leader’s question, the feedback they get is something generic, like “That’s good,” “Good!” “Great!” and so on. With that type of feedback, opportunities for relationship building are lost. What does “good” really mean? It’s like attaching a moral value to the response: Good v. Bad. It doesn’t really mean anything. If that’s the only type of feedback that you ever give, it’ll slowly kill audience participation during your live event. You, the seminar leader, will soon come across as if you don’t really care or value the contributions.

You’ve got to vary your feedback and make it genuine. This will inspire trust and more participation from your audience.

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How to Use Press Releases to Have the Media Contact You and Get Free Publicity

Shel HorowitzBy Featured Speaker Shel Horowitz

Press releases (you can also call them news releases) are a great tool for getting media coverage–my favorite kind of free publicity–and they should be part of every PR strategy. The majority of press releases go straight into the recycle bin–or simply get lost in the deluge of press materials. And some of the reason is that an amazing number of news releases break some of the basic rules.

So be a successful media contact and get the free publicity. Set your news releases apart from the crowd–do it right! That, along with proper follow up, will boost your odds significantly.

The crucial part is not so much in the structure of the release, but in the ingredients. Just as when you bake a cake, it needs flour, eggs, flavoring agents, and sweetener–but you can assemble them in thousands of different permutations within that basic “cake structure”

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If You Plan a Career in Public Speaking, Start With the ‘Freebies’

Nancy DanielsBy Featured Speaker Nancy Daniels

In order to establish yourself in the business of public speaking, you should begin contacting local clubs and organizations in your area as soon as possible. It is important to understand that the majority of those engagements will not be paid. In fact, at this stage, I would doubt that any of those invitations will offer you any monetary gain. Therefore, if you already have a job, it would be a good idea not to quit your place of employment just yet!

While you may feel that the time and energy you spend in this process is worth more than a free presentation, if you are contemplating a career in public speaking, then the practice you will get will be worth more than you can imagine. In addition, there is every possibility that you will receive other invitations; and, those invitations may very well pay you a fee.

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5 Things Event Organizers Want from You

5 Things Event Organizers Want from YouTo make yourself more attractive to event organizers, cultivate these five things in your speaking business.

Know your audience
Take the time to get to know the audience you’ll be speaking for. If you are targeting specific associations, get to know their members before approaching them. Once you’ve been booked, take measures to get to know the audience even better. You can do this with a pre-event questionnaire, a pre-event survey or even just having a detail conversation with the person who booked you. Also, once at the event, take some time to mingle if you can.

Be a promotional partner
Event organizers often hire speakers they know have a decent following of potential attendees. Helping to promote the event by letting your following know about it can go a long way to building a good relationship with the organizer … leading to you getting booked for future events.

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Using Speaking Skills Virtually – Teleseminars & Webinars

Virtual eventsThese days you can have a thriving public speaking career without ever leaving your home. Teleseminars and webinars are fairly easy and often inexpensive to produce and offer you a way to grow your business without having to travel around the country or the globe.


Using a conference line you can hold a seminar or workshop where participants attend using only their telephone. It is pretty much free to get started with teleseminars … there are a wide variety of conference lines you can use for free, and they record the call. Here are few you can look into:

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Do You Have Your Ducks All In a Row?

Peggy Vasquezby Featured Speaker Peggy Vasquez

Do you find yourself saying no to an opportunity because you aren’t perfect? Let me ask you another question, who do you know that is perfect? Some of the most successful people I know didn’t have their ducks all in a row before saying yes to an opportunity. What do you do when you don’t have all your ducks in a row? Do you cut yourself short and decline the opportunity to contribute? Or do you step out of your comfort zone and risk moving forward?

It’s natural to have doubts in your ability to tackle a new challenge for the first time. Often we want more time to continue preparing and perfecting. We don’t feel we are ready and we resist because we don’t want to fail. We don’t want to make a mistake. This was exactly the case for my colleague and me as we experienced our first speaking engagement. We’d completed our research and collaborated to create our presentations. We studied, did dry run’s and asked for feedback. We wrote and re-wrote and did more dry run’s. We were so focused that we begun to rehearse our presentations in our sleep. And even so, we still wished we had more time to prepare and perfect our presentations.

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