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Don’t begin your Speech with an Open!

Don’t begin your Speech with an Open!
(Day 10, Speaking Palooza 2019)

When is the “Open” of your speech not an opening? When you want to stand out from the crowd!

Let’s add as much wallop to your presentation as possible. I believe it all starts at the beginning…The Open.

Wait! Not the “Open!” Let’s get this right up front. If you want to create a Million Dollar Message, you have to change the word AND your mindset of the opening of your speech. You should be calling it your…

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Souldancer on Speaking Palooza 2019

Knowing Your Worth & Public Speaking
(Day 3, Speaking Palooza 2019)

When you know your worth, you have gravitas and confidence. When you have these, it is much easier to speak before an audience with sincerity, authenticity, and grace. In today’s video, Carma Spence chats with Souldancer about how his book, “Pay Me What I’m Worth,” can help you develop the confidence you need to be an effective speaker.

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Heather Neuman on the Public Speaking Super Powers Podcast

Public Speaking Super Powers Podcast, Season 2, Episode 4: Guest Heather Neuman

Is there a difference between coaching teens and coaching adults in public speaking? That is just one of the topics today’s guest will discuss. Today’s guest is Heather Neumann, the founder of Lasting Impact!. She empowers her audience to find their inner voice through public speaking. She says, “There is […]

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