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Supercompetent Key 1: Activity – Activity Demonstrates Value and Reflects Importance

Laura StackBy Featured Speaker Laura Stack

In this competitive economy, just being able to do your job is no longer enough.

Competence is simply expected in today’s workplaces. But you can’t be simply competent; you have to be SuperCompetent to get an edge.

When the rubber hits the road, the difference between merely having ability and being exceptional may be the difference between losing your job and keeping it. The best workers possess a constant, expansive ability to be good at everything they do, no matter how general or specific. In this next series of six articles, I’ll show you how to master the six universal Keys to workplace success. In this first article, we’ll cover the first key: Activity.

SuperCompetent people have an acute sense of direction, in which the nature of their activities reflects their relative priorities. They’re particularly aware of one thing that escapes most of their colleagues: that being busy and being productive are two very different things.

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What Public Speakers Can Learn from Lady Gaga

Every morning I take a 40-minute walk while listening to tunes on my iPod Shuffle. One of the artists who has several songs loaded on my iPod is Lady Gaga … a woman who knows how to brand herself very well. I’ve seen a few articles on what small business owners can learn from Lady Gaga, so I thought it would be a cool idea to share some of the things public speakers can learn from her, as well.

The Art of Fame
Like her music or not, you kind of have to admit that Lady Gaga knows how to become famous. She’s worked it … and worked it well. She studied what others before her had done to become well known and then planned every moment of her career to make use of what worked. Public speakers should be studying the marketing and business tactics of accomplished public speakers. What have they done right to get to the top? How can you adapt what they’ve done in their area of public speaking to help you achieve success in yours?

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How to Measure Your Success

Davida ShenskyBy Featured Speaker Davida Shensky

The problem is that there is a conflict between both your conscious and your conscious mind. Your conscious mind tells you that you can succeed at your unconscious mind has a list of all of the reasons why you can’t succeed. Therefore, you have to read training your thinking and your behavior so you can succeed. 10% of our thoughts are conscious and 90% of thoughts are unconscious, therefore, it is our unconscious thoughts back control how far we go in life and the ability we have you succeed at anything we choose to do.

For instance, traditional success programs tell you these are the four steps you should follow to find success in your personal life:

  1. Set your goals (know what you want)
  2. Do something (take action to reach your goals)
  3. Evaluate (am I getting closer to my goals are not?)
  4. Try again (keep changing your approach until you reach your goals)

but the reality is:

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Start Your Day With Great Attitude and Discipline Way!

Bob UrichuckBy Featured Speaker Bob Urichuck

Each and every day can be a jump start towards getting everything you want out of life when you incorporate an attitude of discipline.

An Attitude of Discipline is greeting each day with gratitude. When you wake up in the morning, you are granted another day closer to living your dreams. Simply waking up each day is a poignant reason to be grateful. So many people will not wake up today.

An attitude of gratefulness is a daily discipline. Embrace an attitude of gratitude and notice how you speak differently using powerful words and how your body language greatly improves. For instance when asked how you are, what is your typical reply?

Common responses are: fine, good, OK, not bad, etc. However, with a radiant attitude of gratitude you will draw on stronger words such as: excellent, fantastic, great, etc. In addition, body language speaks louder than words. Therefore, your body language proudly highlights the jubilant words.

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Choice is Always An Option

Billy ArcementBy Featured Speaker Billy Arcement

How do you feel about your life? Is it productive? Do you consistently reach the milestones you so vividly imagine in your mind’s eye? Do you have the commitment to continue working on your current goals or do you feel burned out and stagnated?

We Can Choose
The beauty of life is that no matter where we find ourselves at any given moment, we always have the choice to move in a different direction and re-position ourselves. By conducting a thorough examination of our past activities, readjusting our tactics and implementing the necessary changes to improve our results, we can reach the milestones of our life. It’s never too late to start over. But before we can successfully begin to move towards our destination of choice, we must build a self-awareness of our weaknesses-the lid on our success jar that stops our progress.

We all bring strength to the table of opportunity. Likewise, we all have weaknesses that, if not corrected, will diminish our ability to maximize and capture the opportunities of life. Successful people focus and use their strengths, and seek support to shore up their weaknesses. They surround themselves with people who help them overcome their weaknesses. This is a win-win partnership.

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7 Keys to Public Speaking Success

Happy Labor Day to all my fellow Americans! I’d much rather enjoy a relaxing day off that produce another video, so you’ll have to make due with another text entry this Monday. I promise to revive the video posts next week … and remember to send me your questions and topic suggestions! You can send them via

  • email to ask[at]publicspeakingsuperpowers[dot]com,
  • voicemail at 815-642-4092, or
  • video by posting a video response to any of my previous videos!

There are lots of things you can do to ensure the success of your presentation. Here are seven of them to get you started.

Key 1: Start in a strong space
Start off with confidence … know your opening so well it is like breathing — you don’t have to think about it. This will get you going over the most nerve-wracking part of your speech. By the time you’ve finished what you know by heart, you’ll have gotten into your groove and your nervous energy will be better channeled to where you want it.

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