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Give the speech you're giving

Relax, You’re Giving the Speech They Were Meant to Hear!

Let me ask you a question? How do you handle it when you’re on stage and you suddenly realize that you’re not giving the speech you prepared and practiced? Watch this video to find out what I have to say on the subject! Dale Carnegie wisely said, “There are always […]

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How much preparation is enough?

How do you know if you’ve prepared enough for your next speaking gig? Is there such a thing as too much preparation?

If you want your speech to be a success, you need to prepare. This means determining your content and then practicing your presentation of that content. But how do you know if you’ve prepared enough?

The answer to that question depends on the presentation, and your knowledge of the subject. Some speeches need more preparation than others. But a basic rule of thumb would be to ask yourself “Do you feel confident enough in your ability to deliver the content that you can do it even if your pre-determined crutches all failed you?”

That means, if you were planning on using PowerPoint slides to help you along, would you still be able to give a meaningful presentation without them?

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What Have You Done for Yourself Lately?

Wally AdamchikBy Featured Speaker Wally Adamchik

All too often we see the syndrome of the leader who has reached a plateau. What have you done for yourself lately? How can you continue to expect higher performance from your employees when you have done nothing to elevate yourself? How do you expect to deliver better results in the face of a changing environment when you continue to do the same old thing? Just because you are busy doesn’t mean you are making a positive impact.

Today’s leaders are challenged to keep up with, let alone get ahead of, the power curve. In fact, this “just in time” management style has served many leaders well as they have risen through the ranks. Their ability to control the quality of their work and the output of their group was unequalled. People marveled that they could get it all done and produce a nice profit also. So they were promoted. In their next position, again, if they ran really fast, they could control and get it all done. However, their ability to lead never really improved, nor did the company take time to invest in their skill development. After all, they were too busy and too important to take off and go to a seminar each year.

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When Nervousness Makes Your Voice Quiver

Nancy DanielsBy Featured Speaker Nancy Daniels

Has this ever happened to you? You stand to give your speech or presentation; and, when you begin speaking what comes out of your mouth is higher in pitch and quivering to boot. So what is to be done?

In most cases, nervousness is the cause of the quiver. (There are some voices, however, that quiver whether one is nervous or not.) There is a means of eliminating the quiver that works even when you are nervous.

Personally, I like nervousness. It is that wonderful rush of adrenaline that, if used to your advantage, can give you an edge in public speaking. What I don’t want, however, is for your nervousness to be seen or heard. The quiver is definitely telling your audience that you would rather be somewhere else.

A quivering voice is the result of stress and pressure on your delicate vocal folds (cords) and throat. Nervousness exacerbates the problem. By learning how to breathe with the support of your diaphragm and allowing your chest to become your primary amplifier, you will find the quiver disappearing automatically. It is truly amazing to see and hear this happen.

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