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Episode 8, Anthony Cudjo

Public Speaking Super Powers Podcast, Episode 8: Anthony Cudjo

This episode of the Public Speaking Super Powers Podcast features Carma’s interview with Anthony Cudjo, a Certified Master Trainer, nutritionist and recognized women’s fitness expert, with more than 25 years experience in the fitness industry. He has given presentations in more than 750 cities throughout the U.S, at health clubs, […]

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Public Speaking Super Powers Podcast, Episode 4: Bette Lou Higgins

This episode of the Public Speaking Super Powers Podcast features Carma’s interview with Bette Lou Higgins, a storyteller with Eden Valley Enterprises, an organization that uses dramatic storytelling to educate people about history and heritage. Her programs not only educate, they instill a desire to learn even more. Podcast Highlights […]

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5 Ways You Can Fail as a Speaker

The funny thing is, no matter how skilled or professional a speaker is or becomes, they can still fail to get their message across. I remember one time hearing a very well known and respected inspirational speaker and leaving the talk wondering why people loved him so much. His presentation was stale and lacked passion … which was pretty much what is speech was about.

That said, you can be a mediocre speaker and still be very effective if you avoid these 5 pitfalls that even the pros sometime fall into.

Talking to Your Peers
Some speakers forget that the audience is not filled with their peers, people who know the topic on a deep level. Most of the time, your audience is going to be brand spanking new to your topic — or at least your take on it. To avoid this pitfall, get to know your audience’s level of knowledge on the topic before you give the speech so that you can tailor it to their level of understanding. This way, you’ll not only be able to hook them into the topic more effectively, but communicate your message using words, stories and imagery that they will respond to.

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