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As a speaker, trainer and coach, Carma offers a variety of high-content programs that focus on entrepreneurship and online marketing. In addition to the pre-developed presentations listed below, Carma is also available for ad-hoc presentations, teleseminars and webinars. Suggested topics are also listed below.

Whether you’re looking for a keynote speaker, workshop facilitator, course instructor or one-on-one consultant, Carma Spence will show your meeting participants how to leverage the power of the Internet to further their career or business goals.

Carma’s presentations are tailored to audience size, group dynamics, industry, and business goals.

Workshops, Lectures and Presentations

Plan Your Business Vision

Even if you are not seeking funding, you need a business plan. But you don’t necessarily need the traditional plan. In this 5-6 hour course you will learn how to create a simple, flexible business plan that will help you move toward your business vision. By the end of the workshop, you will have completed mission and vision statements. as well as created an initial action plan for bringing them to life!

This workshop is easily tailored to a variety of audiences, for example:

  • Plan Your Acting Career Vision
  • Plan Your Book Marketing Vision
  • Plan Your Coaching Business Vision
  • Plan Your Speaking Career Vision
  • Plan Your Job Search Vision

Ask me how I can tailor the concepts of a simple business plan to your audience’s needs.

The Evocation of Heros:
Channeling What You Admire About Others for Increased Success

In this talk, Carma discusses how we can live up to our potential by evoking the qualities we admire in our heroes. Whether your hero is imaginary, such as Superman or Batman, or real, such as a parent, teacher or public figure, asking yourself what would that person do in this situation can help you be the kind of person you want to be. Depending on time, Carma can discuss the importance of heroes in our life, as well as the psychology of heroism. “The Evocation of Heroes” can be customized to the needs of your group and meeting length, from as short as 15 minutes to as long as an hour.

Topics for Other Presentations, Teleseminars and Webinars

  • The 5 Deadly Mistakes of Home Page Design … and How to Fix Them!
  • The 6 Questions Your Website Must Answer To Build Trust and Increase Conversions
  • Build an Online Empire Around Your Passion: Discover Your Unique Niche
  • Develop Your Marketing Funnel to Transform Your Business
  • Transform Your Marketing Funnel Into a Irresistible Vortex!
  • Top 5 Opt-In Bonuses … And Why You Need Them
  • Blogging for Traffic
  • Leverage Joint Ventures to Grow Your Business and Catapult You to Expert Status
  • Get Known, Be Likable, Gain Trust Using Online Techniques
  • The Product/Service Life Cycle and You

What People Are Saying About Carma’s Presentations

Re: The 5 Deadly Mistakes of Home Page Design … and How to Fix Them!
Kendra Tillman“Carma gives you a plan for designing a website that speaks to your customer. Her instructions helped me to see the value in having a specific purpose for my website. Her insight opened my eyes to see one of the missing and often overlooked pieces of any biz – a website that speaks the language of our ideal client/customer.”
Kendra Tillman