Public Speaking Tip #6: Present Your Speech Well

Here is the second installment of excerpts from For the Love of Public Speaking, a 27-minute introduction to Toastmasters I produced during a Television Production Workshop at Santa Rosa Junior College in 1994. This week I cover “Presentation.”

The information in this video is targeted to people who are just starting in Toastmasters. But the basis of what I’m saying applies to anyone who wants to make public speaking a part of their business, as well.

  • Vary your voice to help emphasize points, as well as give the audience a breather from the more intense portions of your presentation.

  • Make your visual aids simple and easy to understand at a glance so that the audience pays attention to what you’re saying, not what’s on your visual aid.

  • Time the use of props and visual aids so they have the greatest effect and provide the least distraction.

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Do you have questions about public speaking? Just ask and I’ll answer in a future public speaking tip video. To learn how you can submit your public speaking question, go here.

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