Featured Speaker Interview Sample: Joe M. Turner

Joe M. TurnerJoe M. Turner is a professional magician, speaker and M.C. As a corporate entertainment specialist, he creates customized corporate magic presentations throughout the United States and Canada. He adapts his performances to emphasize either marketing or inspirational messages and is known as the “Chief Impossibility Officer.” Joe has been featured on numerous television and radio shows, including Good Morning America, Nightline, and a highly rated feature on CNN Headline News, as well as in many print publications.

In this sample excerpt of my interview with Joe for Public Speaking Super Powers, he talks about his journey to public speaking success, as well as a little about what he believes his “super power” to be. “What differentiates me is I think a knack, a superpower for finding that connection between a message and some kind of visual representation of that, some example or visual metaphor for a message so that people can hold onto it and remember it.”

You can also find this sample interview on Spreaker.

“I believe there’s such a thing as gift and people who are gifted at certain things, but that shouldn’t let those who are pursuing excellence in an art, including public speaking, it shouldn’t let them be disuaded or discouraged, because everyone has room to improve. Even the gifted are always seeking to improve. So the question may be isn’t what’s the top plateau that’s available, but what’s going to help you push through your personal record so far?”
~ Joe M. Turner

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