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Stefania Lucchetti

Stefania Lucchetti“You have to be constantly tuned in to people’s reactions to what you are saying—to their faces, to whether they’re smiling or laughing, or not paying attention—and continuously tune your presentation to the reactions you’re seeing. Be engaged with the audience. This is only possible if you know your materials well and you’re not so concentrated on yourself.”
– Stefania Lucchetti
   from Public Speaking Super Powers

Stefania Lucchetti is an author and speaker who regularly speaks at corporate events and trainings for Fortune 500 companies on time management, leadership and making ideas happen. Her book The Principle of Relevance, which discusses digital information overload and how to become more effective and deliberate in processing digital information.

Stefania is also an attorney, qualified in 3 jurisdictions: she has been practicing corporate law for more than 10 years in Europe and Asia focusing on the telecoms, IT, media and internet industries.

Growing up in a military family, she has traveled extensively around the world throughout her life both as a child and as an adult and now lives in Hong Kong with her husband. She is enthusiastic and passionate, blending in the intuition and insight of her life experience with the knowledge and logical thinking developed in the corporate world.

Stefania is well known and admired for being a master organizer of her time and a relentless adventurer of the mind. Other than managing her career and family, she cultivates a passion for dance (she has been a semi-professional dancer and modern dance teacher), she has been practicing meditation and yoga for several years, she loves to travel and learn. Since she was a child, she has had a personal policy of learning 3 new skills every year, whether physical or intellectual. Stefania reads an average of 2 books per week on any topic that interests her.

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