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Joe M. Turner

Joe M. Turner“I use a lot of magic and illusions because … magic, by definition, is something unusual. And we remember things that are unusual in our lives, those moments that break through the background noise.”
– Joe M. Turner
   from Public Speaking Super Powers

“Chief Impossibility Officer” Joe M. Turner is the owner and principal performer/speaker at Turner Magic Entertainment, an Atlanta-based agency providing entertainment, seminars, and keynotes worldwide.

Joe is a speaker and entertainer uniquely equipped to use the art of illusion to help organizations communicate important messages to employees, clients, stakeholders, and the public. In his “Rethink the Impossible” keynote, Joe enthusiastically and magically challenges audiences to overcome real-world obstacles by thinking like magicians who “refuse to be limited by the merely possible.” His “Memory Mojo!” seminars help people train their memories for greater personal and professional effectiveness. Joe draws on his management consulting experience (Accenture, Bank of America) in “The MAGIC of Change,” introducing emerging organizational leaders to change management principles in an exciting and memorable way. A high-energy entertainer, Joe is in demand nationwide as a corporate magician and mentalist, appearing at hundreds of trade shows, corporate meetings and gala events each year.

Joe has won numerous magic industry awards as a performer. He writes for one of his industry’s primary publications, Genii Magazine, and he serves on the board of directors of the International Brotherhood of Magicians. In recognition of his performance skill, Joe was awarded an advanced degree (AIMC) by the Magic Circle in London. In 2010, Joe’s portrait was added to the permanent gallery of the Magic Castle in Hollywood, where he became the first Georgia magician and first native Mississippian to achieve the honor of performing in all three of their world-renowned showrooms: close-up, parlor, and stage.

Joe has been seen on Good Morning America, Nightline, CNN Headline News, and countless other broadcasts both locally and internationally. He and his wife have two children and live near Atlanta.

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