Darlene Mahon & Peggy Vasquez

Darlene MahonDarlene Mahon is the Administrative Assistant to the Director of Institutional Strategy at the Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL). In addition to 25 years of administrative experience, during her career Darlene has earned the Laboratory Director’s Award for Administrative Excellence; earned her Certified Executive Administrative Professional certification; and developed and provided personality profiling training to managers and administrative staff at PNNL and at national administrative professionals’ conferences.

Darlene is an author and an actress who actively participates in community theatre, and has performed in local commercials and corporate training videos. Darlene will inspire you by sharing her stories and experiences using wit and wisdom.

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Peggy VasquezPeggy Vasquez has been an Executive Assistant for top Executives for more than a decade and is currently the Executive Assistant to the Laboratory Director at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. She has practiced what she preaches by creating and leading a powerful executive assistant team. Together they have designed and implemented a successful Administrative Skills Development Program which includes training, mentoring and recognition.

Peggy’s passion is to help others become more successful. She gravitates toward opportunities to teach and lead others. Peggy has led teams and implemented many successful programs. She is an author, national speaker, advisory council member and certified trainer.

Peggy will empower you by sharing her knowledge and experience, entertain you with humor and inspire you through passion.

For more information: peggyvasquez.blogspot.com/