Avish Parashar

Avish Parashar“Speakers are always talking about how you want to be authentic. You want to be authentic. But very few people ever really explain what that actually means. … I think when you improvise — since you are actor, director and writer all in one — you really have to be yourself. So, if you take away none of the comedic timing elements of improv and walk away with just that ability to be creative and be yourself, I think you’ll be a much, much better speaker.”
– Avish Parashar
   from Public Speaking Super Powers

Avish Parashar is the Motivational Smart Ass. As a motivational humorist, Avish presents interactive keynotes and training workshops that combine improv comedy, stand-up, storytelling, and common sense success advice to show people how to make smarter choices that lead to better teamwork, leadership, and service.

On his humorous personal development blog, Avish helps people make their lives easier and more successful by pointing out the stupid things we all do (yes, including himself).

Avish has spoken to the very creative (artists), the very un-creative (accountants), the very casual (college students), and the very business-like (sales professionals). The end result is always the same – smiles, laughs, and a new way of looking at life and business.

For more information (and to read his very funny blog): www.MotivationalSmartAss.com

Listen to a sample of Avish’s interview for Public Speaking Super Powers:

You can also find this sample interview on Spreaker.

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