Featured Speaker Interview Sample: Arvee Robinson

Arvee RobinsonArvee Robinson a master speaker trainer, author and speaker. She teaches business owners, service professionals and entrepreneurs how to attract more clients, generate unlimited leads and grow their business effortlessly by delivering persuasive presentations.

In this sample excerpt of my interview with Arvee for Public Speaking Super Powers, she talks about her journey to public speaking success. “I asked myself what should I be doing. How can I give something back now? And I even prayed about it, Carma. I was just that perplexed what should I do. And then it didn’t take long before the answer came, and that was public speaking. But not only public speaking, not just presentation skills, … but specifically persuasive speaking skills, and teaching them to business owners, entrepreneurs, and service professionals, on how to use it to get clients.”

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Transcript Excerpt of this Sample
Carma Spence:
Just so that listeners can get a feel for your unique expertise, could you tell us a little bit about your journey to success in public speaking?

Arvee Robinson:
Absolutely, I would love to. Well, you see, I spent 23 years in corporate America. I never set out to be a public speaker. That wasn’t my plan. As a matter of fact, my degree is in information systems. So I went to work in the early 80s for a CPA firm by the name of Deloitte, Haskins & Sells, one of the big CPA firms. And my job was to set up financial accounting systems for small businesses, and teach them how to implement these systems and put their accounting and their manufacturing information. Now, that might not sound very exciting, but if you remember this was back in the day where microcomputers first came out. We just saw the PCs. The first accounting system I ever set up was on a dual-floppy system and up until that time only large companies could afford computers, and computers that were the size of a room, and that kind of automation. So this was really kind of a revolutionary time. And so as a result my boss came to me, and he said, “Arvee, I want to get you out there and start speaking to build the practice, to tell people what we’re doing, to get it out there, and get clients.”

And I thought to myself, piece of cake. I took one class, one speech class in college. I thought I was good to go. I thought I knew everything there was to know about public speaking. And I went out there, and I started speaking. I had no trouble getting speaking engagements, because when you work for a firm, and international firm, the size of Deloitte, doors open wide. That wasn’t the problem. But six months later, I hadn’t landed one job, not one project, not one client, nothing. Nobody came up to me at the end of my talk. And I didn’t know for the life of me what I was doing wrong. And then one day, something happened, just like that, just so quickly, that changed my life forever. And it was this.

This woman came up to me, and she said, “Honey, I hate to tell you this.” … Now, Carma, let me ask you a question, if somebody came up to you and said, I hate to tell you this, what do you think is going to come out of their mouth next?

CS: Nothing you’re going to want to hear.

AR: Exactly. That’s what I was thinking. But I said okay, what is it? I was brave, and I said what is it? And she said, “Honey, do you know, that after every sentence, you say okay?” [laughter] No, I told her, I had no idea. I didn’t have a clue. But I got it, just like that, that was the problem. I was my own biggest distraction.

CS: Right.

AR: Nobody could hear my message through my okays. Now we’ve all heard speakers not only say okay, but we’ve heard them say you know, or uhm…well, that’s what I was doing. And I didn’t even know it.

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