Connecting with your audience

Today, I have a treat for you! Below is the first in a new series of videos in which I interview established and up-and-coming speakers, asking them the same questions I asked the 80+ speakers for my upcoming book Public Speaking Super Powers, which you can pre-order here.

In this first video, I chat with my good friend — and award-winning speaker — José Angel Manaiza, Jr. I first met José when he was competing to become World Champion of Public Speaking. He had to win four successive competitions to get to that level. And he went on to take second place in the semi-finals of the World Championship. That’s pretty amazing … and yet he is a humble man.

In this video, he shares what he believes is his public speaking super power:

Connecting with your audience is one of the public speaking super powers that many of the speakers in my book discuss, and I’ve dedicated one chapter to it. It is both a talent and a skill and those who master it can move audiences to take action.

Just in case you didn’t notice, José has an accent. He’s originally from Honduras. Several of the speakers I interviewed for Public Speaking Super Powers also had accents and are doing quite well speaking to native English speaking audiences. So, if you have been using having an accent as an excuse for not unleashing your inner public speaking superhero, then STOP THAT! Practice makes perfect and you can make yourself understood, even with an accent.

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