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Public Speaking Tip #6: Present Your Speech Well

Here is the second installment of excerpts from For the Love of Public Speaking, a 27-minute introduction to Toastmasters I produced during a Television Production Workshop at Santa Rosa Junior College in 1994. This week I cover “Presentation.”

The information in this video is targeted to people who are just starting in Toastmasters. But the basis of what I’m saying applies to anyone who wants to make public speaking a part of their business, as well.

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Visual Aid Tips Gleened from SlideShare

using visual aidsRecently, SlideShare released its Zeitgeist 2010 report of the most popular presentations posted to its site. Many of the findings have applications to not only sharing your presentations online, but how you create slides for your live presentations, as well. Here are my interpretations of their findings.

Make your presentation robust
The average number of slides of the most popular presentations was 63. Which is in sharp contrast to the average number of slides in general, which was 19. Conventional wisdom is to keep your use of visual aids few and significant, but this statistic flies in that face of that. What does this say?

I believe it says that people want robust, information packed presentations. Those with fewer slides didn’t provide enough information so they weren’t shared and thus didn’t become as popular as those that were.

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Using Speaking Skills Virtually – Teleseminars & Webinars

Virtual eventsThese days you can have a thriving public speaking career without ever leaving your home. Teleseminars and webinars are fairly easy and often inexpensive to produce and offer you a way to grow your business without having to travel around the country or the globe.


Using a conference line you can hold a seminar or workshop where participants attend using only their telephone. It is pretty much free to get started with teleseminars … there are a wide variety of conference lines you can use for free, and they record the call. Here are few you can look into:

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