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The Power of Silence

When I was studying belly dance, one of the things I learned was the power of stillness … those moments in a dance where you hold a pose, are still and not moving. It is those moments of stillness that lend power to the movement of the dance.

The same is true with silence during a presentation. There are times when you need to make a statement … then pause. Don’t rush on to the next sentence. Hold the silence and let your words sink in.

For some reason, people tend to fear the silence so they fill it up with verbal fillers such as “um,” “ah” and “ya know.”

Embrace the silence between your words.

Embrace the silence between your sentences.

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Public Speaking Tip #7: Develop Good Presence

Here is the third and final installment of excerpts from For the Love of Public Speaking, a 27-minute introduction to Toastmasters I produced during a Television Production Workshop at Santa Rosa Junior College in 1994. This week I cover “Presentation.”

The information in this video is targeted to people who are just starting in Toastmasters. But the basis of what I’m saying applies to anyone who wants to make public speaking a part of their business, as well.

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Lose the Distracting Body Movements

Loose the Distracting Body MovementsYour body movement during your presentation has the ability to strengthen the impact of your message … or it can be a serious distraction.

One of your goals as a speaker is to look so natural with your movements and with what you say that no one even notices that you are using intonation and inflection or body movement as a means of emphasizing the points of your speech.

So, what kinds of mannerisms are distracting?

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The Speaker Sets the Message’s Tone

The Speaker Sets the Message's ToneAs a professional speaker, everything you do the minute you walk into the room sets the tone for your message. Without even speaking one word, you can determine just how many people you will reach because their engagement with your message depends on you; not on them. You can have a great topic and great presentation skills, but if you are not able to communicate the passion you have about your topic, none of it really matters.

Expect the Best
Go before your audience expecting to make an impact. People aren’t interested in what you know. They want your information for themselves and passion is the “grease” that lubricates that passage of information.

  • Do you expect your audience to receive what you have to say?
  • Do you communicate that you’re excited to be there and you’re excited that they are there as well?

Be Mindful of Your Audience

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