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Why Bother Improving Public Speaking Skills?

public speakingWorking on your public speaking skills can affect more than just your ability to speak to groups of people. Improving your public speaking skills can raise your self-worth and confidence.

In Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, realizing your self-worth ranks the highest. When you’ve given a good speech, your personal satisfaction increases your sense of self-worth. You become more confident, especially when the audience responds positively.

There was once a student who dropped a course five times because he hated speaking in front of the class. But after a self-study on building up confidence, he decided to give public speaking a try and was successful. In fact, he came to enjoy the experience and even volunteered to give more speeches.

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Who Is Your Audience?

who is your audienceThis has got to be the most important question you need to answer when preparing for a speech: Who is your audience?

What are their needs?

What do they hope to gain by listening to you speak?

If you don’t know the answer to these questions, then you are sure to fail. Your speech must meet or exceed the needs and expectations of your audience in order to be successful. If you do know the answer to these questions, then the next steps are much more simple:

  • You’ll have an idea of what you will need to cover within your topic, and which points to can skip.
  • You’ll have an ideas of how to organize your speech in a logical sequence.
  • You’ll have an idea of what your speech needs to be entertaining to this audience.
  • You’ll even know what kinds of support materials are appropriate.

Here are list of things you should know about your audience before preparing your talk:

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How to Give Powerful Presentations

Louis LautmanPresent Powerfully

By Featured Speaker Louis Lautman

So you got the job, the money is good, the co-workers are friendly your boss likes you and then it happened. You feel your throat hit your stomach and your heart skips a beat. You have been asked to do the last thing on earth that you would ever want to do…yes give a presentation…in front of you peers no less. Why did the boss pick me, you ask your self. Chances are you have been doing such a fine job and it has been recognized, that management wants you to share your natural talent with your peers so they can learn how you are so extraordinary.

Public speaking is the number one fear that human beings have; it ranks higher than death, heights and fire. Yes someone would rather catch on fire and fall to their death from a 30 story building than speak in front of a crowd…even worse if they know the people in that crowd. I have been speaking in front of groups for many years and the same thing that stops people from wanting to open their mouth, drives me to speak with passion. It is this speaking with passion that touches people and leaves you remembered long after your presentation is through. It does not really matter what you are speaking about, but when people see you are passionate about your subject, they will remember and respect you.

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