Featured Speaker Interview Sample: Bette Lou Higgins

Bette Lou Higgins, Artistic Director, Eden Valley EnterprisesBette Lou Higgins is a storyteller with Eden Valley Enterprises, an organization that uses dramatic storytelling to educate people about history and heritage. Her programs not only educate, they instill a desire to learn even more.

In this sample excerpt of my interview with Bette Lou for Public Speaking Super Powers, she talks about her journey to public speaking success. “We tripped across a way of doing [our programs] as a reader’s theater program … and that allowed us to do sort of a dramatic reading which of course cut the rehearsal time dramatically. Then, because it was such a smaller operation, I started doing those myself.”

You can also find this sample interview on Spreaker.

“I think that to one degree or another everybody is a public speaker. They don’t believe it, they don’t realize it, and I mean…. You can’t get through a day without public speaking, it’s just that nobody ever thinks about the fact that they are standing in public talking.”
~ Brian Basilico

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