Featured Speaker Interview Sample: Anthony Cudjo

Anthony CudjoAnthony Cudjo is a Certified Master Trainer, nutritionist and recognized women’s fitness expert, with more than 25 years experience in the fitness industry. He has given presentations in more than 750 cities throughout the U.S, at health clubs, hospitals, corporations and churches.

In this sample excerpt of my interview with Anthony for the book, he talks about his journey to public speaking success, as well as why he believes speaking is a learned skill. “I’m here to tell everyone that’s listening to my voice today,” he says, “that whatever you desire to become, you have the ability within you. Its already been given to you at your point of birth. It just takes focus.”

You can also find this sample interview on Spreaker.

“If you look at anything else in your life that you’ve done, you’ve committed to it consistently and the next thing you know, you’ve become a master in it. Same thing happens with speaking, you just gotta overcome your fear.”
~ Anthony Cudjo

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