The following people are directly or indirectly responsible for the Public Speaking Super Powers project coming into being and I gratefully acknowledge and appreciate each and every one of them for their contributions to my life and this project. (Listed in no particular order.)

Beverly Proud, my 4th Grade teacher, for pulling me aside one day and telling me I should be a writer. That moment in time has seen me through many a dark and doubt-filled night of the soul.

Coach Larry Haenel My Speech Coach at Montgomery High School, Larry Haenel, for seeing in me what I didn’t and inviting me to join the Speech Team my senior year in High School.
My Dad for coaching me through my first few speeches. Without your help, my teacher probably never would have invited me to join the Speech Team! Dad and me
Mom and me My Mom for encouraging my creative side … without which Butterfly Girl may never have spread her wings! … and for creating such a wonderful cover for the book.
Marilyn Jenett for constantly pushing me to write my books and encouraging me to think ever bigger about my life and career.

Superhero Backers

This project was a team effort. In addition to all the time spent in interviewing the speakers, editing the audio files and transcribing them so they could be used for the book, there was a team of support staff who assisted along the way. With the help of the following individuals, I was able to support my supporters. I gratefully acknowledge the financial contributions of the following individuals and businesses.
platinum heroes
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gold heroes
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silver heroes
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bronze heroes
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