6 words for powerful presentation titles

six powerful wordsI recently read a blog post that shared a number of word that when used in the title of your blog posts were more likely to get that post read. As I looked through the list, I realized that many of them would have a similar effect if used in the title of your presentations. In other words, when these words are used in your presentation titles, you’ll be more likely to get people to want to hear those presentations.

People always want to know more about whatever they are interested in. Can you give them some insights into the topic? Then make sure they know that up front!

  • 5 Insights Into the Mind of Your Dog
  • Research-Based Insights for More Effective Selling
  • How to Gain Better Insights Into Your Clients’ Buying Habits

They’ve got questions … you’ve got answers! Let them know in your titles:

  • Answers to Top Questions Women Have About Dating Men
  • How To Get Answers to Your Sales Inquiries Fast
  • 5 Answers to Your Most Pressing Diabetes Questions

As you can probably see from that last word, questions and answers often go hand in hand. Questions raise curiosity … so you can use the word or the action to get people curious about your presentation.

  • Top 5 Questions About the Law of Attraction Answered
  • Prepare for the Questions Your Tween Will Ask You About Dating and Sex
  • Have Questions About Training Parrots? Top 5 Techniques Covered

Ever have a conversation with a kid where each time you provide an answer you get a “Why?” in response (possibly to the point of wanting to say, “Because I said so!)? Well, of the 5 W’s and an H people can ask, they usually want to know why most of all. So pique their interest by including it in your presentation title.

  • Why You Should Own a Chinchilla
  • Why Men Are Like Mars
  • Why Your Clients Will Buy More from You

Everyone wants the best they can get, right? Well, when you can share the top whatevers with them, they’ll want to listen in.

  • Top Techniques for Potty Training Your Toddler
  • Top Ways to Banish Your Fear of Public Speaking
  • Top 10 Tips for Using Facebook to Build Buzz About Your Business

Just like “Top” … “Best” attracts an audience.

  • Best Ways to Get Him to Chase You
  • Best Fashion Tips for Business Networking Meetings
  • Best Methods for Reducing Your Taxes Next Year

Bonus tip: Use a number
You might have noticed that many of the sample presentation titles listed above used a number. There is something about a list that makes people pay attention. And, because the brain is wired to understand odd numbers, especially 3, 5 and 7, those numbers are even more effective when used in the title of your speech.

  • 3 Ways to Attract Ideal Clients with Facebook
  • 5 Tips for Writing Effective Copy for Your Website
  • 7 Techniques for Attracting the Man of Your Dreams

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