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I Can’t Believe He Said the D-Word!

By Featured Speaker Nancy Daniels Recently I had the opportunity to hear an international speaker address a large group of women. The women’s ages ranged from their 20’s to their 60’s. While the speaker used the F-word once, the silence … Continue reading

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Speaker sheet basics

A speaker sheet, also called a one sheet, is a basic marketing tool for speakers. When you are booking gigs, you will often be asked for your one sheet. This sheet includes the basic information that event planners will use … Continue reading

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Improve Your Speaking With This Simple Scoring Tool

By Featured Speaker Lily Iatridis We all want to improve public speaking skills, don’t we? Toastmasters is fantastic for having a group of peers support one another as everyone works on their skills. But sometimes, there isn’t a toastmaster’s club … Continue reading

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What is Marketing?

By Featured Speaker Eric Gilboord I am often asked what the difference is between sales and marketing. Marketing researches the opportunity, prepares the strategy, produces the tools to inform the prospect and places the potential sale on the table. The … Continue reading

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