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Monthly Archives: February 2011

The Evocation of Heroes

superheroesNOTE: This is an actual speech I gave when I was working toward my CTM in Toastmasters (circa 1989-1990). In a way, it is the seed from which Public Speaking Super Powers grew.

Faster than a speeding bullet! More powerful than a locomotive! Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s Superman!

(sung) Spiderman. Spiderman. Does whatever a spider can.

Her golden lasso compels you to tell the truth. She is so swift and keen of sight that she can throw off bullets with the help of her bulletproof bracelets. Who is she? Why, Wonder Woman, of course!

jesus christReligions have been based on this man’s teachings. He was a healer. He raised a man from the dead. He was a peaceful man. He was (and is still) considered, by some, to be the Son of God. He was Jesus.

lee iococaThis man took Chrysler from bankruptcy to stability and growth. Lee Iacoca.

We all need heroes. Heroes are an important part of our emotional and spiritual growth. Without their example, how would we know the greatness we can all achieve? Heroes show us the good side of human nature. They point to the wonderful person in all of us.

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Present Powerfully

Louis LautmanBy Featured Speaker Louis Lautman

So you got the job, the money is good, the co-workers are friendly your boss likes you and then it happened. You feel your throat hit your stomach and your heart skips a beat. You have been asked to do the last thing on earth that you would ever want to do…yes give a presentation…in front of you peers no less. Why did the boss pick me, you ask your self. Chances are you have been doing such a fine job and it has been recognized, that management wants you to share your natural talent with your peers so they can learn how you are so extraordinary.

Public speaking is the number one fear that human beings have; it ranks higher than death, heights and fire. Yes someone would rather catch on fire and fall to their death from a 30 story building than speak in front of a crowd…even worse if they know the people in that crowd. I have been speaking in front of groups for many years and the same thing that stops people from wanting to open their mouth, drives me to speak with passion. It is this speaking with passion that touches people and leaves you remembered long after your presentation is through. It does not really matter what you are speaking about, but when people see you are passionate about your subject, they will remember and respect you.

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Dressing for a Speaking Gig

Dressing for a Speaking GigOnce upon a time, I became a Mary Kay consultant. Yes … a person who rarely wears makeup was selling makeup! But do you know what I remember most about that time in my life?

The insistence that a woman cannot look professional unless she’s wearing a dress.

Yep, you got it. They wanted me to believe that a nice pant suit or set of trousers and matching blazer could never look professional on a woman.

Boy, did that ever rankle me. And I pretty much ignored that rule and did my own thing anyway.

So why am I telling you this?

Because it illustrates a point.

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Networking Starts When the Event is Finished

Wendy KinneyBy Featured Speaker Wendy L. Kinney

Editor’s Note: When you speak at events, you will more than likely pick up a few business cards. What you do with them after the event can make or break your efforts to grow your business. In this article, Wendy Kinney shares with you some good advice on how to follow up with all the contacts you made.

Networking isn’t what you do at a meeting; it’s what happens because you were at the meeting. Here are the steps:

Follow-Through In Writing With Everyone You Shook Hands With: A quick note or email message will help the people you met remember your name – it’s easier when they read it. REMEMBER: It’s who knows you that counts. QUICK REMINDER: Make sure your follow-through message is about them or their business – not a sales pitch for yours.

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