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Monthly Archives: January 2011

Perfectionism Breeds Fear of Public Speaking

perfectionismIn the first video in my series of public speaking tips videos, I talked about how perfectionism can stop you from getting started in public speaking. But perfectionistic tendencies can do more than that.

The desire to be perfect, to not make an mistake, can increase the fear of public speaking. There is an often-quoted statistic that basically says people are, in general, more afraid of public speaking than dying. I believe, this is, in part, due to the belief that when you speak in front of a group of people, you can be horribly humiliated by making a mistake.

This is a really bad way to think about public speaking.

1. Your audience is, for the most part, rooting for you. If you make a mistake, they feel bad for you. They are not looking to cut you down. Just accept you made a mistake and move on with grace. Your audience will go with you.

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How to Use Press Releases to Have the Media Contact You and Get Free Publicity

Shel HorowitzBy Featured Speaker Shel Horowitz

Press releases (you can also call them news releases) are a great tool for getting media coverage–my favorite kind of free publicity–and they should be part of every PR strategy. The majority of press releases go straight into the recycle bin–or simply get lost in the deluge of press materials. And some of the reason is that an amazing number of news releases break some of the basic rules.

So be a successful media contact and get the free publicity. Set your news releases apart from the crowd–do it right! That, along with proper follow up, will boost your odds significantly.

The crucial part is not so much in the structure of the release, but in the ingredients. Just as when you bake a cake, it needs flour, eggs, flavoring agents, and sweetener–but you can assemble them in thousands of different permutations within that basic “cake structure”

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Visual Aid Tips Gleened from SlideShare

using visual aidsRecently, SlideShare released its Zeitgeist 2010 report of the most popular presentations posted to its site. Many of the findings have applications to not only sharing your presentations online, but how you create slides for your live presentations, as well. Here are my interpretations of their findings.

Make your presentation robust
The average number of slides of the most popular presentations was 63. Which is in sharp contrast to the average number of slides in general, which was 19. Conventional wisdom is to keep your use of visual aids few and significant, but this statistic flies in that face of that. What does this say?

I believe it says that people want robust, information packed presentations. Those with fewer slides didn’t provide enough information so they weren’t shared and thus didn’t become as popular as those that were.

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If You Plan a Career in Public Speaking, Start With the ‘Freebies’

Nancy DanielsBy Featured Speaker Nancy Daniels

In order to establish yourself in the business of public speaking, you should begin contacting local clubs and organizations in your area as soon as possible. It is important to understand that the majority of those engagements will not be paid. In fact, at this stage, I would doubt that any of those invitations will offer you any monetary gain. Therefore, if you already have a job, it would be a good idea not to quit your place of employment just yet!

While you may feel that the time and energy you spend in this process is worth more than a free presentation, if you are contemplating a career in public speaking, then the practice you will get will be worth more than you can imagine. In addition, there is every possibility that you will receive other invitations; and, those invitations may very well pay you a fee.

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