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Who Is Your Audience?

This has got to be the most important question you need to answer when preparing for a speech: Who is your audience? What are their needs? What do they hope to gain by listening to you speak? If you don’t … Continue reading

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Critique of Phil Davison’s Campaign Speech

I first learned of this speech on Countdown with Keith Olbermann. It has been bantered about as the “worst political campaign speech ever” … and I must admit that is is a rather ineffective speech. However, there are some things … Continue reading

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How to Give Powerful Presentations

Present Powerfully By Featured Speaker Louis Lautman So you got the job, the money is good, the co-workers are friendly your boss likes you and then it happened. You feel your throat hit your stomach and your heart skips a … Continue reading

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Five Tips for Giving Oral Presentations

1. Use simple, easy to understand visuals. Visuals often help make a concept clearer than mere words can. This is especially true of difficult to understand and/or visualize scientific or technical information. 2. Use clear and natural body language. Often, … Continue reading

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